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Clinician Worksheets and Handouts

Clinician Treatment Tools

Overview of Clinician Worksheets
When working with clients in active psychotherapy it is helpful for clinicians to use worksheets and handouts for their clients and themselves.
You can get most of the worksheets listed on this page at: 
  1. Psychology Tools at:
  2. Therapist Aid at:
  3. Morning Light Counseling's "Handouts on CBT Skills and Strategies" on  their website at:
  4. Cognitive Behavior Therapy Self Help Resources at:
  5. 20 Positive Psychotherapy Exercises, Sessions and Worksheets at:
CBT Handouts from Therapist Aid
You can get copies of the following CBT Handouts at:
  1. ABC Model for REBT
  2. Anger Diary
  3. Automatic Thoughts
  4. Behavioral Activation
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Model
  6. Cognitive Distortions
  7. Countering Anxiety (Thought Log)
  8. Countering Negative Thoughts (Thought Log)
  9. Daily Mood Chart
  10. Exposure Hierarchy
  11. How I Feel
  12. Introduction to Anxiety
  13. Simple Chart of CBT Model
  14. Thought Log
  15. Thought Log (with examples)
  16. Weekly Mood Chart

Therapist Aid ( also has other client focused handouts and worksheets on a variety of topics such as: 
Anger, Anxiety, Communication, Depression, Emotions, Goals, Grief, Motivational Interviewing, Parenting and Behavior, Positive Psychology, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Stress, Substance Abuse, Suicide and Self-Harm and Values. 

Handouts on CBT Skills and Strategies from Morning Light Counseling

You can download the following CBT tools at:

  1. 10 Forms of Twisted Thinking
  2. ABC's of RET
  3. Blame Pie: Replacing Blame or Self-Blame
  4. Cognitive Triad
  5. Decatastrophizing - Stopping the Anxiety Cycle
  6. Gratitude Journal: Cultivating Positive Awareness
  7. Learned Optimisim: Overcoming the 3 P's of Pessimissm
  8. Mood Log 1 - Identifying Triggers and Responses
  9. Mood Log 2 - Replacing Automatic Thoughts
  10. Replacing All or Nothing Thinking and Mental Filter
  11. Replacing the Shoulds
  12. Vertical Columned Timeline - The Mosaic
  13. Weighing the Pros and the Cons

20 Positive Psychotherapy Exercises, Sessions and Worksheets 
What it Positive Psychotherapy you ask: It is the combination of the research of positive psychology and the science and practice of psychotherapy into a life-affirming alternative to traditional psychotherapy—one that focuses on your strengths instead of your weaknesses, and works towards improving what is good in life instead of mitigating that which is not
These 20 Positive Psychotherapy Exercises are located at:
Client Homework Sheets for Thought Records
Client Cognitive Thought Restructuring Worksheets
  1. ABC Belief Monitoring at:
  2. Behavioral Experiment Worksheet at:
  3. Decatastrophising Worksheet at:
  4. Hindsight Bias Worksheet at:
  5. Hotspot Record Worksheet at:
  6. Modifying Rules and Assumptions Worksheet at:
  7. Responsibility Pie Chart Worksheet at:
  8. Positive Belief Record Worksheet at:
  9. Theory A, Theory B Worksheet at:
  10. What if......? Worksheet at:
Client Diaries and Data Gathering Worksheets
  1. CBT Daily Activity Diary at:
  2. CBT Daily Activity Diary with Enjoyment and Mastery Ratings at:
  3. CBT Daily Activity Diary with no Time Slots at:
  4. Daily Monitoring Form at:
  5. Pain Diary at:
  6. Rumination Diary at:
  7. Self Practice Record Form at:
  8. Task Planning and Achievement Record at:
PTSD: Client Worksheets and Handouts
  1. Intrusive Memories Record Worksheet at:
  2. PTSD Film Projection Metaphor Handout at:
  3. PTSD Linen Cupboard Metaphor Handout at:
  4. PTSD and Memory Handout at:
  5. PTSD Formulation by Ehlers & Clark Handout at:
  6. Understanding PTSD Handout at:
Sleep Disorders: Client Worksheets and Handouts
  1. Sleep Diary Worksheet at:
  2. Checklist for Better Sleep at:
  3. Guidelines for Better Sleep Handout at:
Panic &/or Social Anxiety Disorder: Worksheet and Handouts
  1. Fear of Bodily Sensations Handout at:
  2. Panic Diary at:
  3. Worry Thought Record at:
  4. Panic Formulation Handout #1 at:
  5. Panic Formulation Handout #2 at:
  6. Stages of Social Anxiety Handout at:
  7. Social Anxiety Formulation Handout at:
  8. Threat System-Flight or Fight Handout at:
  9. Trigger, Response, Alternative Coping-TRAP-TRAC worksheet at:
  10. Worry Thought Record Worksheet at:
Suicide SAFE-T Assessment and Triage Plan
SAMSHA has developed a SuicideAssessment Five-step Evaluation and Triage know as SAFE-T which can be downloaded at:
General Client Information Handout
  1. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at:
  2. Classic Conditions Handout at:
  3. Core Belief Magnet Metaphor Handout at:
  4. How Breathing Affects Feelings Handout at:
  5. Schema Belief Bias Handout at:
  6. Schema Metaphors Handout at:
  7. Stages of Change Handout at:
  8. TEAR system of Grief Model Handout at:
  9. Threat System-Model of Fight and Flight at:
  10. Thoughts and Depression Handout at:
  11. Thought Suppression (& Intrusive Thoughts) Handout at:
  12. Unhelpful Thinking Styles at:
  13. Values Worksheet at:
  14. What is Rumination? Handout at:
General Worksheets for Clients
  1. Activity Planning Worksheet at:
  2. Activity Selection Worksheet at:
  3. Motivation and Ambivalence Worksheet at:
  4. Problem Grid Worksheet at:
  5. Problem Solving Worksheet at:
  6. SWOT Analysis Worksheet at:
  7. Therapy Blueprint Worksheet at:
Informational Websites on Specific Disorders or Conditions
The following are websites or facebook pages developed by students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Troy University, Tampa Bay Site which can be used by clients to further their understanding of dealing with the mental health disorders for which they and/or their loved ones are recieving treatment:

Co-morbidities of TBI & PTSD:

Impulse Control and Conduct Disorders:

Sexual Dysfunctions: